Our Team

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Corey Connors - Lead Educator

Corey Connors is a Washington State native and has always loved the outdoors. She graduated with Honors from Washington State University in 2018 with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences. She then spent six months in Hawaii working at the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center where she helped breed and release native endangered bird species. After this experience, she returned home to the Pacific Northwest where she interned at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park as an animal care intern. Her passion for conservation and wildlife has led her to pursue a career in the zoological field where she can make a difference in the everyday lives of animals and communicate her love for nature to a wide range of people. She hopes to use these experiences to make the necessary changes to slow climate change and conserve the Earth.

Corey has also traveled to various countries which has solidified her love for the environment and her awe for the diversity of the planet. While in college, she spent a semester abroad in the Galapagos Islands studying native wildlife and marine sciences. This experience sparked her passion for the ocean and marine life which still burns bright today. She has also traveled to mainland Ecuador, Ireland, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, and England. Experiencing different cultures and ecosystems taught Corey the importance of respect and understanding when approaching different conservation problems. She hopes to teach her students how to listen to others and respect different opinions while still making a difference.

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Jessie Cubberly - Lead Educator

Jessie’s career in outdoor ed. began with naturalist interpretation for the Seattle Parks Department, wherein she thrilled at weaving the stories of natural history into delectable, digestible narratives for school groups and people of all backgrounds. Jessie is fascinated by language, poetics, song, and how these can serve as doorways to wildness and connection. Though she grew up knee deep in the mud of Olympia, WA, much of Jessie’s guiding experience has taken place on the rivers and canyons of South Eastern Utah, where Jessie worked for several years as the Head Naturalist Guide of the non-profit Canyonlands Field Institute, designing and leading expeditions for youth and adults. In 2018, Jessie completed the Wilderness Awareness School’s year-long adult program ‘Anake.’ She has been a llama pack guide, a canoe guide, an outdoor preschool teacher, designed and led after-school nature programs,  rowed the Grand Canyon twice in her own boat, always seeking to listen, dig deeper, and have fun!

As a guide, Jessie seeks to create a space for wildness to blossom – for when we nourish our own wildness (through story, through study, through curiosity, through PLAY), we feed the wildness of our ecosystems.

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Erin Sherrer - Assistant Educator

Erin Sherrer is a recent graduate of the Evergreen State College, where she received her degree in Environmental Science. She has lived in the Northwest her entire life, and loves to spend time outdoors hiking and birding. When she is indoors, she likes to read and create pottery.


Peter Geissler - Program Director/ Assistant Educator

Peter has been with Waya for 3 years in total and has just completed his first year at Western Washington University. Prior to graduation he volunteered at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium educating guests on important marine, environmental, and conservation related issues. He is intending to major in marine biology and classical European Languages.